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Tajima carpenter’s pencil

Tajima carpenter's pencil

Though appearing to be a regular hexagonal pencil, the Tajima pencil is aimed at the construction trades – carpentry in particular. It is definitely a different interpretation of this pencil style than seen in North America or Europe.

The product website indicates that this pencil is highly humidity-resistant.

Tajima carpenter's pencil

With a sophisticated red lead, the pencil has a very nice thick varnish – most unusual in this category.

The English text on the pencils reads, “Marking for construction and fine drawing.”

Tajima carpenter's pencil

My thanks to isu for providing a most unusual pencil to me.

6 comments to Tajima carpenter’s pencil

  • Geo. B

    Maybe it’s your point but noone’s asked it: how can the same pencil be ideal for “marking for construction AND fine drawing”?

  • What a beautiful pencil! Another fine example for excellence down to the last detail.

  • Hi George,

    Good observation. Yet it’s worth noting that rectangular carpenters pencils serve this dual carpentry/drawing function – and they probably get more sales in art supply stores than in traditional hardware stores.

    So maybe the statement is intentional – or maybe it is just a weak translation?

    Thanks for commenting.

    Hi Gunther,

    Yes, these pencils are made to extremely high standards. Other Tajima products (seen at their website) also appear to be carefully manufactured.

  • I wonder if this painstaking care – especially with everyday items – is recognized and appreciated in Japan in general (i. e. by the masses) or if the manufacturers of these and similar items mainly aim at a minority and/or people with the same quality standards. Everytime I see products like this I am simply amazed. – I am not familiar with the aspects of Japanese culture that create(d) such a quality awareness but I wish I was.

  • Henrik

    I can follow you there Günther – I’m amazed at the high quality of most Japanese products. Let’s hope they don’t learn too much from “us”. :)

  • […] Mess- und Werkzeuge von Tajima aus eigener Fertigung stammen, wird dieser Bleistift (ebenso wie der rote Farbstift und der Fallminenstift) zugekauft; mit dem Zulieferer hat Tajima eine sehr gute Wahl getroffen. – […]

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