Tajima carpenter’s pencil

Tajima carpenter's pencil

Though appearing to be a regular hexagonal pencil, the Tajima pencil is aimed at the construction trades – carpentry in particular. It is definitely a different interpretation of this pencil style than seen in North America or Europe.

The product website indicates that this pencil is highly humidity-resistant.

Tajima carpenter's pencil

With a sophisticated red lead, the pencil has a very nice thick varnish – most unusual in this category.

The English text on the pencils reads, “Marking for construction and fine drawing.”

Tajima carpenter's pencil

My thanks to isu for providing a most unusual pencil to me.

6 Replies to “Tajima carpenter’s pencil”

  1. Maybe it’s your point but noone’s asked it: how can the same pencil be ideal for “marking for construction AND fine drawing”?

  2. Hi George,

    Good observation. Yet it’s worth noting that rectangular carpenters pencils serve this dual carpentry/drawing function – and they probably get more sales in art supply stores than in traditional hardware stores.

    So maybe the statement is intentional – or maybe it is just a weak translation?

    Thanks for commenting.

    Hi Gunther,

    Yes, these pencils are made to extremely high standards. Other Tajima products (seen at their website) also appear to be carefully manufactured.

  3. I wonder if this painstaking care – especially with everyday items – is recognized and appreciated in Japan in general (i. e. by the masses) or if the manufacturers of these and similar items mainly aim at a minority and/or people with the same quality standards. Everytime I see products like this I am simply amazed. – I am not familiar with the aspects of Japanese culture that create(d) such a quality awareness but I wish I was.

  4. I can follow you there Günther – I’m amazed at the high quality of most Japanese products. Let’s hope they don’t learn too much from “us”. :)

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