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FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

The FILA 795 BE is contained in a box whose artwork has a simple yet powerful portrait.

FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

The details are striking – the red factory windows, the carefully rendered plumes of smoke, the uber-smokestack that is a red and blue pencil, and FILA’s name in red and blue.

FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil


FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

5 comments to FILA 795 BE Red and Blue Pencil

  • memex

    A box from another era! I guess nowadays noone would place those plumes of smoke on their box…

    Btw, the marking on the pencils “per contabile” means “for accountant”

  • What a beautiful design! Simly amazing. – It is very interesting that these red and blue pencils carry an indication of their use. Although this use seems to be quite obvious there are other purposes: I was told that the red and blue pencils were also used by the nursing staff in hospitals to write down body temperature and blood pressure. One article in the catalogue of the pencil exhiibition reviewed here quite a while ago mentioned that these pencils were used by teachers (red – minor error, blue – serious error).

  • melonpan

    that really is very nice designwork on the box….

  • Pretty neat. Too bad pencils nowadays do not get packaged as nicely unless of course you take into account the Japanese premium pencils boxes like the Hi-Uni and the Mono 100.

  • Thank you for the comments. I am wondering which modern pencils are thought to have nice packaging?

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