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2008 saw some major pencil industry developments.

Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid, whose portfolio includes famous pencils such as the Mirado and Venus, announced the 2009 end of their U.S. pencil manufacturing operations. Whether a sign of the times, a reflection on the state of the pencil, or just one company’s fortune, it is […]

Tajima SH20FM 2.0mm leadholder

The ultra-industrial design of the grip is this leadholder’s unmistakable key feature.

Over the top in many ways, I knew I wanted to get one as soon as I saw a photo. If the technical pencils from Ohto, Rotring, and Staedtler leave you asking “what’s next?”, this might be for you. Tajima pulled […]

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Super-DX and Hi-Uni 8B pencils

As a sequel to our recent look at Mitsubishi’s 10B pencils, here are two special pencils in the 8B grade.

First is the Hi-Uni Super-DX. A few pencils have passed this way since the website started in 2005, and I have no hesitation in stating that this is the nicest, most refined finish I’ve […]

Mitsubishi Uni pencil holder

This is the first luxury woodcase pencil accessory we’ve seen from a pencil manufacturer other than Faber-Castell. In this case, it is Mitsubishi, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of their Uni brand. As well as new pencil grades, which we have mentioned, Mitsubishi has unveiled this luxury pencil holder.

As opposed to other holders/extenders, this […]

SAX Grafit pencil

Here is a modest office pencil that I quite like.

The SAX Grafit is an uncapped hexagonal pencil, finished in metallic silver, with minimal markings. (We like minimal markings, as regular readers know.)

The lead performs above the office pencil weight class – dark, rich, somewhat compacting. It is first rate.

This is […]

Musgrave Choo-Choo pencil

The Musgrave Choo-Choo pencil is an oversize round pencil for children.

Made in Shelbyville, Tennessee by the Musgrave Pencil Co., it is finished in yellow with a gold ferrule and pink eraser.

The type and graphics are delightful. Made of cedar, sharpening (which I would think is important in a children’s pencil) […]