Tajima SH20FM 2.0mm leadholder

Tajima SH20FM 2.0mm leadholder

The ultra-industrial design of the grip is this leadholder’s unmistakable key feature.

Over the top in many ways, I knew I wanted to get one as soon as I saw a photo. If the technical pencils from Ohto, Rotring, and Staedtler leave you asking “what’s next?”, this might be for you. Tajima pulled out all the stops in creating a striking leadholder.

Tajima SH20FM 2.0mm leadholder

I can’t decide if this pencil is truly usable. If you don’t like the knurl of a Rotring – this grip will feel even less pleasant. It may have gone a bit too far. If one moves a finger or thumb up or down – ouch. It requires finding one’s grip and keeping it.

Tajima SH20FM 2.0mm leadholder

Yet, I like the design!

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  1. That grip surely looks impressive, but dangerous. Like the sort of machine that has warning signs about watch out or you’ll lose a couple of fingers.

    A display only pencil? :-)

  2. This is the way in Japan this holder is advertised:
    “This clutch pencil is designed for those people who works in a construction site.
    The grip is knurled head, comfortable to hold with gloves.”

    So, with gloves it’s not that dangerous:)


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