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The last few days have seen some notable pencil blogging milestones:

The 100th post at Lung Sketching Scrolls! Also be sure to visit the rest of the site. The most recent post discusses the entire range of colour 3.8mm lead products on the market today.

The 200th post at Lexikaliker, and a most fascinating one […]

Pencils from FILA

Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A. (FILA) is a famous and longstanding pencil manufacturer, dating from 1920. Their name is synonymous with Italian pencil making.

Pencils, the book (a museum catalogue), features many fine examples of their productions.

The last few years for FILA have been highlighted by two major international acquisitions […]

Faber-Castell 2.0mm leads

The post office recently delivered a small accumulation of lead refills. Accompanying pieces of sandpaper and specialty erasers indicated that a draftsperson was the likely original owner.

This person knew what they liked – 2.0mm drafting leads from Faber-Castell, model 9030 to be specific, were the majority of the items.

I […]

Ito-ya pencils

Some large retailers offer their own “brands” – products made with logos, company identification, colouring, or other identifying associations, manufactured by external firms.

Tell me if I am wrong, but pencil talk has not yet featured such a “house brand”. The reason is simple – the many pencils offered by grocery stores, drug stores, […]

Tombow Train pencils (III)

Here is the third series of graphite pencils from Tombow honouring the Japanese railway system.

Like the previous two series, they are quite amazing to behold. I am not sure if liking trains is a prerequisite to reaching this conclusion.

See also:

Series 1 (at

Series 2 (at

All three series […]

Uchida Proeraser becomes a 3.8mm leadholder

I discovered the Uchida Proeraser some while ago while browsing the uncomfortable chair. It is a nicely-finished all-metal clutch holder for erasers. Most unusual.

The one I ordered came with an ink eraser.

As it takes an eraser of 3.8mm diameter, it occurred to me that it should be able to handle a […]