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PenciLog ( is the new home of Kent’s PenciLog. Written in Korean, Kent examines pencils in leisurely depth. The right hand column has a link titled “Postings in English” which leads to some articles written in English. The navigation system doesn’t seem to allow linking to specific articles, but here are two posts I […]

Papermate Exam Standard Speederase eraser

If you’re going to have exam pencils, you might as well have exam erasers, right?

The Papermate Exam Standard Speederase appears to match the corresponding Papermate pencil, except that it was purchased at retail in Canada.

It comes in a very unusual black, and is labeled as being latex free, smudge resistant, and […]

The Behance Dot Grid Book

The Behance Dot Grid Book is a coil-ringed notebook. It uses very thick paper (80 lb.), and is neither blank nor ruled – it has a “dot grid”.

Though very thick, the paper also seems pulpy and unfinished. I am wondering why this particular paper was chosen. Thicker paper being better was […]

2500th comment

Observing the blog “dashboard”, I noticed that a milestone was just passed – the 2500th comment. It was made by M-C, responding to a post on the pencils of France.

My sincere thanks to the many commenters for your contributions.

Wörther Shorty 3.15mm leadholder


Dollar store find

The “dollar store” isn’t typically a place I’d look for anything, let alone writing implements. Yet, I was recently in one, and found this 2.0mm mechanical pencil, with a package of mixed-grade refill leads. For one Canadian dollar – which is currently about 86 US cents, or 63 € cents.

The bilingual […]