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Five pencil information sites

Here are five great pencil information websites. If you’re seeking to identify an old pencil, or information about a defunct brand, these are the places to start:

1. Pencil Pages has an extensive assortment of pencils from American manufacturers. If you want to see a Providence Narragansett or a Mallard Vita-Tone, this is the place!


Tsu Ku Shi pencil

From Tsu Ku Shi, we have a very interesting pencil – oversize, round, using an interesting colour scheme, and with a slice missing!

The idea seems to be to create the best of both worlds – the round grip favoured by artists combined with roll-resistance. It is a two-sided pencil!

The “missing” […]

Disappearing pencils

1. The Wall Street Journal recently mentioned (as part of a larger story) that the Musgrave Pencil Co. had laid off staff. That’s unfortunate for those involved as well as for users of quality pencils. I think the better Musgrave pencils – the Unigraph and the Musgrave HB – are first rate.

2. Some […]

Classic American pencils

My thanks to Barrel of a Pencil for sending me some classic American pencils.

I’m not sure how Barrel acquired them. Though some must be several years old, they are all extremely well preserved.

The pencils are:

Dixon Executive 1404-2 General’s Big Bear 909T Papermate Primer Print #2 Dixon Beginners 3308 Dixon Ticonderoga […]

The Dixon Oriole pencil and an unusual sharpener

Does anyone remember the Dixon Oriole?

The official product page calls them a “first-rate commercial grade woodcase pencil offered at an economical price”.

Hmmm, “commercial grade”.

Well I ordered them online after finding a store that had some older US made stock. Or so I thought. I should have known what was coming […]

Colleen Woods Pencils

The Colleen Woods series represents an exciting vision of woodcase pencil manufacturing. The series is also a profoundly simple and beautiful pencil set. Pencils have been made from cedar for a century or more, and more recently from jelutong, pulai, and basswood. Pine and fir have also been used.

Yet – out of […]