Classic American pencils

Classic American pencils

My thanks to Barrel of a Pencil for sending me some classic American pencils.

Classic American pencils

I’m not sure how Barrel acquired them. Though some must be several years old, they are all extremely well preserved.

The pencils are:

  • Dixon Executive 1404-2
  • General’s Big Bear 909T
  • Papermate Primer Print #2
  • Dixon Beginners 3308
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Laddie 3304
  • General Kimberly 525 9xxB
  • Dixon Sense-a-Mark 2100
  • Dixon Tru/Color Film Marker Black 2225
  • Classic American pencils

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    1. I bought some “new old stock” American made pencils a couple of years ago from Ebay that I’d never heard of. I wonder if the manufacturers kept coming up with new names to help with marketing/sales?
      I still have one or two “Rivera” pencils from the 70’s when I was in high school (16-18 years old).

    2. One more “Rivera” comment. They were low end pencils at the time and slightly scratchy, but now a days they are above average as quality has fallen so much.
      Big Lots is selling pencils made in Thailand that are decent, especially for marking music. The graphite is better than average with a great eraser. I also like shiny finishes over dull.

    3. The Dixon Sense-a-mark is another exam pencil. I have an old one, half gone, and the feel of it is perfect for me: slightly narrower and slightly less glossy than a Ticonderoga. Apparently, they are still available: Link

    4. Apparently, they are still available

      My mistake, they seem to be out of stock at the moment.

    5. I have 11 dozen vintage Dixon Beginners Pencils #3308, from my father in law’s old business. I’m curious to learn if someone collects old items like this. All are in very good condition. Wrappers and 2 boxes. Any help?

    6. For a number of years, I have purchased new pencils in even quantities. I use half of the pencils and never use the other half, putting them away forever. I started doing this sometime after I read Petrovsky’s book, _The Pencil_. In the book, he talks about the difficulty of obtaining older pencils. Fortunately, most pencils are relatively inexpensive.

      I also look for old pencils at Flea markets, thrift shops, antique stores, etc. I never use these. Recently, I have found several Wallace brand pencils in unused condition.

    7. I would like to know where in San Antonio, TX. I can purchase the Dixon Film Marker black 2225 pencil. I use this on porcelain and really need one for designs. Thank you

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