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Clairefontaine notebooks

Doing some fall cleaning, I found a dozen Clairefontaine A4 notebooks from student days in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

vintage Clairefontaine notebooks

The notebooks strongly resemble the current offerings, and have held up very well over time. Good job, Clairefontaine!

vintage Clairefontaine notebooks

9 comments to Clairefontaine notebooks

  • Adair

    Unfortunately, Clairefontaine has recently changed the patterning of its notebook covers from the lovely plaid-like style to something more like a computer pattern.

  • Pisces6

    I don’t like plaid, so the change is fine for me. o.oV

  • I’m with Adair: it’s a shame they changed it to the pseudopixellation of the current ones. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of plaid, it’s got more charm than pixels.

    Is it “real” maths or engineering maths in the second screenshot? My engineering maths is at such a basic level that I can’t tell either way. (My “real” maths is even worse. That’s what a Literature degree will do to you.)

  • Pisces6

    That’s real math, I believe. >_>; Granted most of it is represented with symbols, not numbers.

  • Love the math! I’m currently in Calc BC in high school…fun stuff.
    Just got a Rhodia reversebook–my first ever! Can’t wait to start using it.

  • Claire

    Ah, Cauchy formula for the nth derivative!

    Talk about plaid, the 1951 vintage ones look great, don’t they?

  • David O.

    I’m having flashbacks of being in calculus class during my engineering studies… We used “National” light green engineering paper tablets purchased from the school bookstore.

  • Unfortunately, the paper is better preserved than my memory. But it definitely was calculus.

  • perry

    complex analysis…

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