Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Ipenstore was kind enough to send some items for review. The products are from their “Rosetta” line, which I take to be an in-house brand. I’ve ordered items from Ipenstore in the past, and have always been happy, especially with their range of unusual items and expert packaging.

They sent me a 2.0mm leadholder in a mechanical pencil format, a combination pointer/eraser, and some lead refills.

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

The pencil has a blue plastic body, and metal knurled grip. It does resemble the product of a well established manufacturer. The eraser pointer is a handy combination to have.

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

The cap also has a built-in pointer.

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

The 4B leads are okay. They shine in price: under $4 for the box of 12. That’s a fraction of the price of the top brands.

Rosetta leadholder and accessories

Overall, the Rosetta products offer entry into the 2.0mm drawing realm for a reasonable price. The metal knurled grip is a distinguishing feature.

P.S. More Rosetta products in the future.

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  1. By the design of their leadpointer and lead packaging, I expect they were probably manufactured in either China or Taiwan. While they certainly might be an inexpensive enough introduction to leadhoders, the Staedtler 780 or Mitsubishi Uni leadholders retail for about the same and have already a proven track record of smooth reliable performance.

  2. I looked through the site, and unless I’m mistaken (or I’ve just overlooked it), it seems that you can’t buy the eraser holder separately (though there are separate refills). It reminds me a little of the Staedtler clutch holder + eraser bundle — I’ve never seen that small eraser holder sold separately either. A lot of nice things on the site, though. Thanks for the post.

  3. Andre, there is no external clutch per se. I have not examined the internals.

    Alberto, I would have guessed that the name brand stuff was much more expensive, but checking, you are right about the price being competitive.

    Sean, hmm, I can’t find it either.

  4. These look like ripoffs of Staedler Mars items. I bought a Staedler Mars lead holder with “made in china” stamped on it… THUMBS DOWN! The worse lead holder ever. I have lead holders that I´ve used continually since the mid 70´s- some made out metal and they work as new. Same with my Japanese Pentel. So… I guess I don´t get it. Hmmmmm…

  5. My Mars 780s all say Germany. They range in age going back from about 5 to 10 years, I think. I saw the open Rossettas a while ago and similarly thought of the resemblance. I was going to try one but for reason though the Mars looks nicer and should be the better to use, I find I tend to grab and use the KOH-I-NOOR 5900s far more frequently so passed but when I need leads I am going to try theirs as leads available locally are completely unreasonably priced.

    I have bought from iPen and found the transactions quite good with no problems.

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