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  1. Don’t get me wrong—I’m glad there is an anniversary set, but as you said we’ve already seen this design. Seems like they just barely made an effort.

    What is it that I seemingly just don’t understand about this company?

  2. Yeah! Finally! but …………………………………………………………… I hope to see a beautiful polychromed litho tin box, at least.

  3. They made an effort at throwing a big 250th Anniversary party back in July in Stein. I received an invite, but couldn’t make it, so sent a gift of California wines to Count Anton. Apparently there were something like 6000 people in attendance. Quite a shindig. I had meant to make a congratulatory Timberlines post with photos of the invite but was travelling myself at the time. Then as the event had passed it seemed too late to comment.

  4. I suppose it must be hard to improve upon an already solid product, and extravagant packaging for the anniversary might not be in line with the company’s culture. Yet the the link did not display the outside of the closed tin, so I suppose it could possibly feature a lithographed cover.

  5. I’ve seen graphics on some colored pencil packaging about the anniversary but they didn’t seem to be ‘anniversary products’ per se. I remember seeing an oversized, triangular pencil that was issued for their 200th anniversary that came with a gift box—I wonder if it might have been a corporate/internal item.

  6. Returned home from my holiday earlier this week to find my Christmas card from Count Anton this year was accompanied by a 120 page full gloss magazine celebrating Faber-Castell’s 250th Aniversary. Superbly done. Was thinking to take some photos and share some of it over on Timberlines and will try to do that in the next week if I get a chance.

  7. Hi Friend,
    Thanks for prompt response..
    Happy New year 2012!!
    I am glad you are planing to furnish some more information related to 250th Anniversary Pencil from Faber Cestell..
    I am under opinion that you work independently and serve the entire pencil business and hobby collectors, so I am eagerly waiting for some new stories..
    How abput visiting Frankfurt in this month end??
    That is the biggest show on earth related to Paper & writing industry!!
    Some of the company should offer your travel coast!!
    Have great year ahead..

  8. Hi Harshad, if you are asking if there has been a slowdown at Pencil Talk – the answer is yes.

    Lexikaliker has been reporting from Paperworld the last few years – I don’t know if he plans on visiting the 2012 show, but if so, we should be in store for some excellent reports.

  9. Harshad, further on your comment – it can be read that you are thinking WoodChuck is behind this blog. That is not the case, as I think you should know.

  10. I think Harshad was looking for a review of the 250th pencils. If he cares to look at the latest posts on the right hand side of the home page he will see the review of the 250th pencils. I am surprised that this post continues to be active when the full review is almost right next door.

  11. I already have those 250th Anneversary Pencils with me, the question is more information and involvement of readers and bloggers which I feel a lottle slow!!

    In early days, month to month new blog was on net but now, its January 2012 and December blog is either missing or December 2011 blog is here..

    Let us keep on sharing more and more information to so that ‘penciladmin’ can furnish more information!!

    What is the hottest and latest story of Pencil Indusrty??

    Can someone share here??


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