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Viarco soft carbon pencils

The lack of art and craft in the packaging of modern stationery is regularly lamented at this blog. A manufacturer who is bucking the trend is Viarco, who have launched a new carbon pencil that is beautifully housed. A set of six pencils are wrapped with paper and tightly bound with string at both ends. [...]

Viarco ArtGraf artist pencils

Viarco, a small traditional pencil manufacturer in Portugal, continues to innovate. The ArtGraf pencils are a pair of 22cm black and white pencils. The matte black finished “Soft Black” is a carbon based pencil, while the glossy white finished “Water-Soluble” is, as the name states, a water soluble pencil. The format and presentation are unique [...]

turn it

turn it is a wooden top whose axis is a woodcase pencil. The packaging tells me that the design is by Miguel Soeiro and was produced by ESAD.CR and Viarco. This is a short video showing the top in action. Depending on your browser, it will open inline in a new window, or download as [...]

Very tiny pencils (II)

Longtime readers may recall a 2010 post mentioning some very tiny pencils. Matthias of Bleistift also received a few of these from Sean, and seeing my post, took pity on me and kindly redirected a few spares my way. More recently, I learned of the limited edition (I have box no. 296) World Press Cartoon [...]

Viarco Desenho Premium 2001 pencil

We have seen some specialty pencils from Viarco of Portugal, namely the Violeta Copia copying pencil and the Olympico and Comercial red and blue pencils. Today we’ll venture into more mainstream territory. For those who didn’t read those articles, I’ll restate that “Viarco is a 94 year old pencil company from João da Madeira, Portugal, [...]

Multiplication table pencils

There are a few novelty pencil genres that seem persistent. Though ballpoint pens are always encroaching, the pencil still seems to be a choice at many museum gift shops, at hotels, and a select few other places. One of these persistent genres seems to be the “multiplication pencil” – a pencil for children with a [...]