Very tiny pencils (II)

Longtime readers may recall a 2010 post mentioning some very tiny pencils.

Matthias of Bleistift also received a few of these from Sean, and seeing my post, took pity on me and kindly redirected a few spares my way.

More recently, I learned of the limited edition (I have box no. 296) World Press Cartoon pencil.

Here they are:

very tiny pencils

The blue pencil is meant to fill out J. C. Penney surveys, and the purple (and hexagonal) pencil is a souvenir from an international cartoonist conference, and was made by Viarco of Portugal.

With a regular pencil for contrast:

very tiny pencils

I remain amazed that pencils can be manufactured at this scale. Have you encountered pencils like this?

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  1. Nice tiny pencils! I have not seen any that small since I was a child. I had a tiny thin red one I never wanted to use since it was unlike my big fat pencils for school or the normal pencils in the house.

  2. Indeed, I used frequently to see such tiny pencils. I thought that they were very nifty, but never did come-up with much to do with them.

  3. Gunther, thank you for the greeting and that reference. The Eyeball pencils were mentioned here in 2008 – amusing but challenging to use.

    Thanks you for the comments, Bill M and Daniel.

    scruss, thanks for that link. I think Smythson sells something similar.

  4. I remember similar pencils — perhaps even thinner, and always dark red — coming in the mail when I was kid. I think that they accompanied magazine-subscription offers.

  5. Yes, I have some of these. They are all older and came in with various mechanical pencils I’d purchased when adding to that collection. Mine are all advertising related I believe. I can’t check until I get back from my trip.

  6. I have a set of 12 coloured pencils, each 55 mm long, 1 mm in diameter. They live in a small cardboard tube labelled’ “BEGOODY JAPAN”. Wish I could attach a photo to this.

    And damned nice to see Pencil Talk back. I was worried there for a bit!

  7. My parents also used to get these in the mail, in the 1960s, with offers for magazine subscriptions. Time Magazine was one of them, I think.

  8. Hello there!

    I got some strange pencils from the opposite end of the spectrum.
    S.J. Staedtler Tradition 3309 HB. Hexagonal, Red and black “paint job” and a white crown under the black top end. Comes in a red box.

    240 mm in length and roughly 12 mm from edge to edge, 10 mm flat to flat.

    Thank You for a great site and all the BEST!

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