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Northern Pencils

This post is a research query. Is anyone familiar with a Canadian company Northern Pencils?

An online search found a website for a small company called Northern Pencils.

It looks really interesting. A supplier of slats and unfinished pencils, I presume there was never a “Northern Pencils” branded pencil. The wood species used […]

No Hidden Pencils in Hidden Figures

Just a brief post about something I haven’t seen in the press – pencils play a major role in the film Hidden Figures.

In particular, mathematician Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) uses a Pentel P20X mechanical pencil in contrast to the other engineers, who use yellow woodcase pencils. A more evolved pencil for a […]

The Viarco Vintage Collection

From Viarco of Portugal, pencil talk is pleased to present an amazing new limited edition pencil collection. Further, we are privileged to feature an interview with Viarco’s José Vieira.

The set was a surprise to me – six historical recreations of pencils and packaging, offered as a set. I’m not sure where the set […]

Sharpener at the Hopkins Marine Station

Here is a pencil sharpener residing in a classroom building at the historic Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California.

John Steinbeck took classes here, though this sharpener seems too new to have been around when he was a student.

See also: Steinbeck’s Favorite Pencils


pencil talk 2.0

Hello all,

It has been three years since the ‘Final Post’ at pencil talk.

After announcing the end, I took the blog offline for several reasons. I don’t really like seeing blogs floating around that don’t function as blogs, with no new posts, no commenting, no interaction. The hosting costs seemed to only be going […]