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Lyra 334 Profi copying carpenter pencils

Here is one of the most unusual and specialized pencils ever manufactured.

The Lyra 334 Profi is a nicely finished oval carpenter’s pencil, with silver lettering on dark blue. It is manufactured in the extra long 240mm length. That alone makes it an interesting specialty pencil. Yet this pencil is so unusual that the […]

Stonemasonry pencils – the Bleispitz 0341 and Lyra 331 Profi

Stonemasonry pencils were mentioned at this site before I had ever seen one.

Here we see a 240mm version from Bleispitz (the 0341), and a 300mm version from Lyra (the 331 Profi).

With extremely hard 6H leads, they are meant for writing on stone and rock surfaces. Mr. Slate probably used […]

Keson CP2 Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

How can one sharpen a carpenter’s pencil? The International Arrivals sharpener didn’t quite seem to do it. Here is another attempt.

From Keson, it is a bright yellow plastic block with four blades. The pencil is placed in a slot (blue plastic) and one slides the pencil back and forth, […]

Carpenter pencils

The carpenter pencil has a claim on being the original pencil. The oldest known existing woodcase pencil is a carpenter pencil, seen here at the Faber-Castell website.

This pencil type is defined by the rectangular lead and housing.

Why the shape? The resistance to rolling off a sloped roof is the best […]

International Arrivals pencil sharpener

One small mystery solved.

The International Arrivals pencils – fluorescent and carpenter – have no practical way to sharpen them.

A lucky break came my way, and I found the right sharpener at a local bookstore – a place with no other International Arrivals products that I could see.

Much larger than […]

Tajima carpenter’s pencil

Though appearing to be a regular hexagonal pencil, the Tajima pencil is aimed at the construction trades – carpentry in particular. It is definitely a different interpretation of this pencil style than seen in North America or Europe.

The product website indicates that this pencil is highly humidity-resistant.

With a sophisticated red lead, […]