International Arrivals Carpenter Pencils

Very Best Carpenter Pencils.

This is the second mention of products from International Arrivals on this site. These Taiwanese made carpenter pencils are striking in their retail environs – are there carpenters who shop at designer knick-knack shops? Probably – but not while looking for carpentry supplies. They are a bright varnished (and impractical) white.

They’re great if you love pencils. How do they work? I didn’t bother sharpening them. I assumed that wasn’t their purpose.
Very Best Carpenter Pencils.

6 Replies to “International Arrivals Carpenter Pencils”

  1. Well I guess there must be some sort of market for tools and equipment for the old fashioned “master tradesman” type carpenter, cabinet-maker, etc. Maybe wives and mothers buying for their carpenter men-folk? Of course some artists also use carpenter pencils for sketching….

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