Faber-Castell Aluminum Perfect Pencil line extended with black + silver pencils.

Silver paint perfect pencil.

Faber-Castell has introduced a silver and black extension to their Aluminum Perfect Pencil.

The Perfect Pencil line is a series of pencil extenders that serve as stylish point protectors, and feature clips and built-in sharpeners. Higher end models in sterling silver, stainless steel, and white gold rank with fine fountain pens as luxury writing implements. The Aluminum variant is above the low-end plastic version, and below the precious metal versions in the lineup.

Silver paint perfect pencil.

The new pencil is in a sleek silver paint with black dyed wood, black ferrule, and black eraser. This perfectly matches the aluminum of the cap. It is a very nice looking pencil, on par with the Design pencil or offerings from Nava. It gets noticed, while also being a first rate pencil.

5 Replies to “Faber-Castell Aluminum Perfect Pencil line extended with black + silver pencils.”

  1. With these pencils that have dyed wood, does the dye go thoroughly through all the way? Or in some parts is not so well dyed and you can notice it when you sherpen that part?

  2. THanks for the quick reply: I was wondering if you knew of any online vendors on this side of the Atlantic? Amazon doesn’t seem to have them, and shipping from Paris is at least as much as the pencil itself.

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