Staedtler tradition 110 pencil

Staedtler tradition 110 pencil
It was a real pleasure to discover the Staedtler tradition 110. Like the pacific, it is also made in Australia.

With red paint on four sides, black on two, and gold lettering, it does look different than a North American pencil. This is a pencil colouring I’ve seen in many photos and illustrations, but never previously in person.

The winning grace is the lead. In HB, it is easily the smoothest of the pencils of New Zealand and Australia that we’ve looked at so far. Other grades also handle themselves well. It is made in fourteen degrees, so it constitutes an entire line.

The only flaw I can see is the varnish, which is very thin. Without much scrutinizing, one can see a multitude of grain lines and dimples in the wood.
Staedtler tradition 110 pencil
This pencil is definitely recommended.

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  1. It’s really nice to see another Staedtler, which is hard to find in Korea.
    How can you get this kind of pencils in Canada?

  2. Just FYI – the Tradition would be the “best” pencil made by Staedtler Australia. They used to make the mighty Mars Lumograph in Australia too, but not any more. I guess as sales have declined, production has been returned to Germany, as the Lumographs from Down Under are all made Up Over.

    Also, Staedtler Australia claim to be the only manufacturer of pens and pencils in Australia.

  3. Curious thing, I have one of the older ones (like the top one) and says Germany instead of Australia

  4. we would like to buy hb pencil from your company please give me price till port of nairobi by air and by ship asap the cheapest rates would be highly appriciated

  5. Wonderful website- I’m an FP nut recently dabbling into the pencil world. Mostly because of the Perfect Pencil by Faber-Castell (the cheap green one which works like magic). I work at a University with a bunch of old desks being inherited and boxes of various crap lying around. I just stumbled across an old Staedtler Tradition 110 HB which has T Britain (after I fixed a batch-up sharpening job on it). So, it was made in Great Britan.

    The front says:
    Great Britain Staedtler Tradition 110 HB
    back says:
    JET Bonded

    Any ideas as to how old this pencil might be? It’s the red and black striped with a white ring near the cap (you don’t show the cap here, but I’m assuming it’s the same)?

    Well, it’s just a pencil after all, so no big deal- but just thought you might want to hear about the old Tradition 110 I found lying around. I’m in the states, so it’s like just a drafting pencil from someone’s kit somewhere. :)


  6. Hi Allen, thanks for your kind comment. Staedtler’s production facility in Wales closed around 2006 if I recall correctly – so that may be a relatively modern pencil you found.

  7. Hi! Excellent info! Thanks for the date on that. :) I guess the best measure of age would be the dates on the documents in the box then! I appreciate you looking into when the factory closed! Love the website- keep up the excellent writing! :)

  8. Hi Allen, unfortunately that recollection was wrong – searching “Staedtler” + “Pontyclun” shows a closure announcement in 2007, with the final day in 2008. And some “Made in Great Britain” products are still for sale in shops. So the pencil could have been purchased quite recently.

  9. Hi,

    My Staedtler Traditions 110, are Made in Germany and it seems that varnish has better quality as it has a smooth surface with no grain lines or dimples on the wood.

    I say this just for comparison purposes for those interested in difference between those made in Australia and Germany, as somebody stated in this thread a couple of years ago.

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