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Pencil Talk Vintage Pencil Quiz

Yesterday’s quiz on modern pencils was fun, so let’s try a vintage version.

Many of these brands carry on, although not necessarily under the same ownership. Others are sadly gone.


Michael and others demonstrated a great knowledge of yesteryear’s pencils.

The pencils are (left to right):

1. Eberhard Faber Microtomic
2. IBM Electrographic
3. Eagle Black Warrior
4. A. W. Faber Castell 9000
5. Eberhard Faber Mongol
6. Blackfeet Indian
7. Venus Super Velvet
8. Eagle Turquoise
9. L & C Hardmuth Mephisto
10. Staedtler Mars

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8 Replies to “Vintage Pencil Quiz”

  1. Hmm… let’s see.

    Third from the right would be an old Eagle Turquoise, and the fourth from the left is certainly Castell 9000. :-) The others I’m not sure of…

  2. From left to right:

    Microtomic (I have a stash)
    don’t know
    Mirado Black Warrior
    Castell 9000
    Blackfeet Indian
    don’t know, but I recognize the lettering of “MEDIUM”
    Berol Turquoise
    don’t know
    An old Berol? But the imprint seems to be upside-down

  3. Thanks everyone. The results are really impressive given that the photo shows only the caps and small portions of the text. A couple of the brands have changed ownership over the years – these particular Black Warrior and Turquoise pencils are from the Eagle days.

    Here is a summary so far:

    1. Eberhard Faber Microtomic (Michael)
    2. The clue is in the text – ending with “phic”.
    3. Eagle Black Warrior (Kent, Michael)
    4. A. W. Faber Castell 9000 (Kim, Michael)
    5. Eberhard Faber Mongol (Michael)
    6. The clues are the lettering and ferrule – it was a popular pencil.
    7. Blackfeet Indian (Michael)
    8. Eagle Turquoise
    9. This is a pencil from Europe. One of the more difficult ones to guess, but the cap and colouring are distinctive clues.
    10. I’m surprised that this one hasn’t been identified. The “moon” design and letter “J.” point to a well known manufacturer. It is manufactured in the “left hand” style.

  4. Am new at this. Have found eberhard faber pencils, no erasers on end. Purple ones say van dyke, USA, indelible lead, copying hard, 790. Green ones say mongol USA , copying ink lead, 730 hard. Are these old?

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