Pottery Barn pencil

Here is a giant novelty pencil found at the Pottery Barn store, along with a regular pencil for comparison.

The photo was taken during the summer.

Here’s that same picnic bench a few days ago:

Its been a tough winter.

2 Replies to “Pottery Barn pencil”

  1. Wow, look at the size of that… that… thing! It would make for a perfect self defense weapon. If anyone broke into your home at 2am and you smacked them over the head that… oh boy! Rumors will spread around the thieving community and your home will the last to be burgled.

    Having a pencil like that gives you a good excuse to buy a band saw. How else would you sharpen it? I guess you can go cheap and just use a circular saw but how impressive would that look to the neighbors? Of course, true sophistication would come from using a high speed lathe.

  2. Hmm, no wonder you love pencils. You’re, like me stuck inside all winter in the North. Let’s see a picture of someone writing with that big, big pencil.

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