Sanford Turquoise 02022 2mm leadholder

Sanford Turquoise 02022 2mm leadholder

This leadholder represents an interesting extension of the venerable Turquoise pencil line.

Made in Japan (the pencils are made in the U.S.), it is a “Sanford Turquoise” rather than a “Prismacolor Turquoise”.

Sanford Turquoise 02022 2mm leadholder

The body colour seemed correct in my memory, but next to a pencil, it is much closer to blue than turquoise.

Sanford Turquoise 02022 2mm leadholder

It is a basic spring clutch mechanism leadholder, with a metal clutch and grip, and a plastic body. The clutch does recede into the pencil when no lead is being clutched. There is also a metal clip.

It does have a clean look, and is perfectly usable.

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  1. That’s interesting—the woodcase pencils have much more green in them. I wonder if it couldn’t be matched given the materials used.

  2. Hi Paul, I’m not sure about brick and mortar sources, but if you search for “sanford leadholder” in a search engine, you should find lots of retailers.

  3. Very cool leadholder thinking about getting one, but can’t find any local stores in my area.

  4. Same old story – manufacturers make great things but nobody can get hold of them – weird! What chance do I have in Australia when you guys can’t even get hold of a product.

  5. Another U.S retailer–leadholders—-lead-leadholders.html

    They ship outside the U.S (from their website)

    International Orders Outside of USA – for orders outside of the United States we accept credit cards, on larger orders we require prepayment via wire transfer using a Proforma invoice. Please allow additional time for paperwork and checking credit card information. Additional shipping fees may be added depending on destination and weight of items. International orders are generally shipped via US Air Parcel Post. Except for larger orders which are shipped using FedEx, UPS, or DHL. You are responsible for any duties or taxes assessed by your country. We will also ship orders to a Freight Forwarder. For further information or shipping estimate send an e-mail to or you may visit for additional information on shipping from the USA to your destination.

  6. I’ve seen this leadholder in the Blick store in Chicago. Like penciladmin says, the Sanford leadholder is decent and perfectly useable, I ended up purchasing a Staedtler leadholder though.

  7. I am trying to find lead for my sanford turquoise 02022 drafting pencil. Could you please email me a website where I can purchase this lead.

    Thank you

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