KUM Blue Ocean pencil set

KUM Blue Ocean pencil set

KUM is a well known pencil sharpener manufacturer. Though inhabiting a very specialized market, they have an enviable reputation as a quality manufacturer with international distribution.

What may not be as well known is that KUM sells pencils – three by my count, all part of larger product offerings.

KUM Blue Ocean pencil set

Today we’ll look at the KUM Blue Ocean. At first glance it appears to be a small barbell – perhaps a discreet exercise product for office workers.

Closer inspection reveals that this is a pencil – housed at one end by an eraser, and at the other by a plastic cap. We’ll look at each of the three devices in turn.

The eraser is gigantic for a pencil cap type eraser – a black mini-football marked with the KUM logo on two sides. It does erase quite well. It weighs in at 10.7g.

The cap is marked “KUM since 1919”. It is black grooved plastic, with the appearance somewhat clunky in my view. The top of the cap has a true “cap” – a small piece of attached plastic that can be removed to reveal a red plastic sharpener.

Typical of a KUM product, there is a screw on the blade, and I suspect that the blade is replaceable. It works as a sharpener, but it is challenging to get a proper grip.

The cap/sharpener weigh 6.7g.

The pencil itself is marked in silver on matte black, “KUM Blue Ocean KUM”. It is 125mm long, below standard length.

The cap is rounded but unfinished. The wood is very pale – basswood?

The lead is a surprise – a very dark 2B perhaps, good though not the smoothest.

So back to the barbell comparison – a typical modern pencil is 4g, and the Blue Ocean pencil is 3g. But this eraser is 10.7g and the cap 6.7g. So this is a lopsided barbell.

All aspects of the product have problems. The eraser is simply too heavy to be a pencil cap eraser. At triple to quadruple the weight of a woodcase pencil, a pencil falls backward out of one’s hand with this eraser attached.

Even with a tightened grip, the balance is all off. While perhaps KUM wanted to offer value, or the appearance of a substantial eraser, a 10.7g eraser is simply too heavy for a pencil cap eraser.

The cap/sharpener is awkward and clunky. It does not taper towards the pencil, and cannot be comfortably held.

KUM Blue Ocean pencil set

KUM’s concept is not new to us. I think we have to give credit where it is due, and thank Faber-Castell for their Perfect Pencil line. However, unlike the Faber-Castell products, KUM’s Blue Ocean product is not practical, and barely usable.

I commend KUM for trying something new – but the execution leaves much to be desired.

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  1. I share your comments about the barbell feel and ergonomic balance of this product. However I do not think the product is intended to be used with these items attached. Even Faber’s perfect pencil has a bit of an unbalanced feeling when you write with the sharpener/cap on the back end of the pencil and that’s why I always remove it.

    I also commend KUM on their innovation effort with this pencil. The industry needs more of this. I suppose the “Blue Ocean” brand name is a reference to about finding and creating new market space with differentiated products.


    The eraser is a good quality eraser and works well has a hand held eraser when removed from the pencil, but also can double as a cap to cover the business end of the pencil when you want to put it in your pocket. It’s the same as their new Correc-Cap eraser except for the Blue Ocean is in black. At Pencils.com we chose to offer the Correc-Cap eraser coupled with a special edition KUM-Palomino HB pencil that matches our Palomino quality.


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