The Three Camels


The camel is renowned as a hardy animal, able to persevere through challenging circumstances.

The pencil world seems to adore the camel, as there are a significant number of camel brands.

First, the Staedtler Camel. This brand has been aound for many years, and now appears to be made in Germany for export markets.

Second, an entire company named after the camel, the Camel Pencil Company of Japan. They seem to make mainly novelty pencils, yet do have a few nice looking adult-oriented pencils. (That CA-P4 pencil looks good.)

Camel Pencil, according to their website, was organized in 1939, and established in 1949. They now have a U.S. distributor, so I think we’ll be hearing more from them in the future.

Third, another company named after the camel, Camlin Ltd. of India.

Camlin dates from 1931, and their website states:

The “Camel” was chosen as a symbol due to its capacity to endure long periods of difficulty in the trips across deserts. “Camel” was also easy to write and pronounce in all the Indian languages and was acceptable to all the religions of the land.

This is remarkably forward thinking, and reflects ideas that are at least as relevant in 2008, when many brands are attempting to compete in global markets.

I have a few Camel of Japan pencils – but have never seen a Staedtler Camel or Camlin pencil.

Has anyone used (any) Camel pencils?

9 Replies to “The Three Camels”

  1. The Staedtler Camel seems rather funny, with the blue and red—not at all camel- or desert-like colors!

  2. I have a thing for colors and sign my name with them, do smilies, all kinds of silly, pointless things. Some glow in sunlight. I know, I’m weird.

  3. The Staedtler Camel is manufactured in Thailand, only the core is made by Staedtler in Germany. (I asked some weeks ago Staedtler in Nuremberg for the Camel and got this answer.)

  4. I just bought a bunch of the 4-in-1 Camel color pencils at Borders in Ann Arbor. I never see them anywhere, so it was too good to pass up. Also bought Goody pencils from Japan. (Cashier’s comment on seeing the total price: “That’s a lot of pencils . . .”)

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