A tale of two Pacifics

Steadtler Pacific Germany 132 80 HB

The Staedtler Pacific is a very distinctive looking pencil, round in shape with a gold finish, a gold with blue band ferrule, and white eraser.

The pencil is marked:

Steadtler Pacific Germany 132 80 HB

Steadtler Pacific Germany 132 80 HB

Despite the great looks, it is unfortunately a scratchy office-grade pencil.

Now wait a minute. In 2007, we looked at another “Staedtler Pacific” pencil, made in Australia. No resemblance. And we also looked at another Staedtler 132 pencil from Germany. Also a different pencil.

Those two pencils were kindly provided by Dave, and purchased in New Zealand. Today’s pencil was kindly sent to me by Kent, and was purchased in Thailand.

Perhaps Staedtler has grown so large that their many offices are reusing product names and model numbers?

3 Replies to “A tale of two Pacifics”

  1. The “Germany” written on the pencil is a bit confusing and only half the truth. For the Staedtler 132 80 Pacific (and also the Staedtler 132) it is the same as I wrote earlier about the Staedtler Camel: none of them is really manufactured in Germany, only the leads are made by Staedtler in Germany. I contacted some weeks ago Staedtler in Nuremberg for the whole range of pencils offered by Staedtler Thailand.

  2. Well its all getting a bit confusing isn’t it? I guess we have to read the fine print, with the 132 being very different to the 132 80, Pacific this Pacific that, etc.

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