Viarco ArtGraf


Viarco ArtGraf

ArtGraf is a tablet of watersoluble graphite in a tin.

While there are a few watersoluble graphite pencils and crayons on the market, this is the first larger format offering aimed at brush users that I’m aware of.

Viarco ArtGraf

Viarco, a small Portuguese pencil company that we’ve mentioned once before, introduced ArtGraf last year.

Viarco ArtGraf

The product extends watersoluble graphite possibilities, and truly allows painting in graphite. A wet brush is applied to the tablet. Varying the brush wetness and tablet contact result in varying graphite densities.

Viarco ArtGraf

I truly think this is a great product.

Further reading:

Reuters article on ArtGraf

Official product page (in Portuguese)

10 Replies to “Viarco ArtGraf”

  1. Hi George. Same here. :-)

    Viarco does sell and ship internationally (and quite efficiently too), but for a single item, it would probably be easier to see if a local art supply store can order it for you.

  2. “Your company”?

    Viarco dates from 1914, with interruptions. They have many details on their website.

    (This blog started in 2005. It is not affiliated with Viarco or any other pencil manufacturer.)

  3. I just came across your comments about the Viarco ArtGraf graphite products.
    We have been appointed the importer and agent for North America. Our first order will arrive in about 1 week.
    The product will begin to become available in retail art material stores before too long.
    This type of water soluble graphite is one of the more interesting products we have seen developed in a long time.
    T. Dix 9/13/11

  4. Stumbled across this at Art and Frame in Sarasota Florida. Being a lettering artist, it was a must try. Really wonderful product. With a broad-edged (read flat) brush I can create marvelous marks in various shades of gray. It layers wonderfully and with the addition of watercolor there are endless artistic possibilities. It was expensive but I’ve been working with it daily for about three weeks and hardly made a dent in the pan. Definitely a must have in any artists supply kit.

  5. I have been meaning to try this. (it is now being carried in the Jerrys catalog) I have always loved the woodless graphite that is also water soluble made by Derwent (graphitone). I was wondering if anyone knows the grade of the artgraf w/s sticks that are also offered? 4B,6B? Would love to see some work done with the artgraf pan.

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