Dixon Ticonderoga 1395 pencil

Dixon Ticoderoga 1395 pencil

A dozen vintage Dixon pencils.

Dixon Ticoderoga 1395 pencil

They are marked:

Leadfast PAT. 1927142 Made in U.S.A. Dixon Ticonderoga 1395 No. 2 5/10

Dixon Ticoderoga 1395 pencil

A cardboard holder has an illustration of Fort Ticonderoga, and the slogan “A Dixon Pencil For Every Use”.

Dixon Ticoderoga 1395 pencil

US Patent 1927142 was issued on September 19, 1933, for the eraser/ferrule combination.

They don’t make them like this anymore!

8 Replies to “Dixon Ticonderoga 1395 pencil”

  1. Any estimate as to how old these are? I’m guessing early 1950s, based on advertisements and The Pencil. (Check out the 1937 page, and an illustration of three pencils in one of the later chapters, respectively.)

    Could be later, from the interesting crimping on all three ends (as opposed to just the center).

  2. Hey Tyler – I think these came from Ebay, circa 2005.

    Guest, someone more familiar with Dixon would have to say. Anytime from the 1930s to 1970s seems possible.

    It is kind of interesting that despite the claims in the patent about all the advantages of this eraser type, it is no longer made.

  3. Hello! i have a Ticonderoga pencil from 1388.the print on the pencil is different from the one in the picture and the eraser is worn out.

  4. I came across one of these in a box that contained everything from my grandfather’s office desk after he passed away. That was in early 1961, so they have to be at least that old.

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