Pencils in the news!

A few interesting links/web discoveries that have recently been sent here:

The WEEKLY DIY ROUNDUP: PENS, PENCILS, AND CASES! from Threadbanger. Lots of crafty pencil accessory possibilities. Thanks Joyce.

Eco-Pencils at Slate. Mainly a debate about mechanical vs. woodcase pencils. Thanks to blog reader Sekhar for the link.

Pencils can be integral to schools! at JPG. From a comment at Lexikaliker.

Ancient instrument still making its mark. A Toledo Blade article on pencils that doesn’t quite make its point, since putting them up on a wall is the main use cited!

Draw attention with these pencils from the Electric News. Count Andreas von Faber-Castell (who prefers to be called Andy) was in Singapore to present some pencils.

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