Pencil Boxes (IV) – the KUM Nic Nac Box


KUM Nic Nac Box

A late addition to our series on pencil boxes, the Nic Nac Box is a less known offering from sharpener manufacturer KUM.

KUM Nic Nac Box

A plastic box in light tinted blue, the removable lid becomes a standalone ruler. While on the box, a sliding overlay with a window supports looking up a multiplication table.

KUM Nic Nac Box

There is also a built-in sharpener, appropriate for a KUM product.

KUM Nic Nac Box

The box contains twelve pencils, six in black, six in red. The red ones are factory sharpened. All have nice matte finishes. Unfortunately, the lead seems to be a bit scratchy.

KUM Nic Nac Box

Overall, the box has quite a lot of charm, and would be a nice gift for a young person.

KUM Nic Nac Box

My thanks to Gunther for assistance in acquiring this pencil set.

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7 Replies to “Pencil Boxes (IV) – the KUM Nic Nac Box”

  1. Hello Gunther, thank you for the information.

    Whether or not this particular item is to one’s taste, I think it is the sort of “value added” item that pencil manufacturers should be selling to distinguish their offerings.

  2. I am interested in the pencil box with the multiplication table. How much are they and how do we order?

  3. I am 73 years old. Throughout (grammar, grade, elementary) school, I had in my home and school desk at all times a version of the Kum pencil storage, sharpener, multiplier, and divisor box. A company named “Sterling” manufactured (probably USA. maybe Asian) them, and nearly every classmate of mine from grades one through six had one or more. Except as “vintage collector items,” they have disappeared. Apparently in the USA they ran into some toxicity issue (pencil “lead” shavings? Too many pointed objects? damage back of mouth with ruler?) Jeff, if you know what happened to them and why, would you please share with me at Apparently this website will not share my email address but I have purposefully shared it in search of an answer. Thank you to anyone.

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