Stabilo Trio 362 pencil


Stabilo Trio 362 pencil

The Stabilo Trio 362 is an oversized triangular pencil in a natural finish with a splash of colour on the cap.

The pencil is marked “3-6 Gripping Standard”. The packaging reveals the meaning. Can you guess? That’s right, this pencil is meant for three to six year olds!

Stabilo Trio 362 pencil

The core is an oversized 3.8mm. The line seemed somewhat light, though with more pressure it was able to leave a dark line.

Stabilo Trio 362 pencil

What’s really noticeable is the cap. This type of painted pencil end seems to be a feature associated with European pencils. The term I hear in English is “dipped”. But in German, there is more specific terminology. The white ring is a “Lackring” and the red cap a “Lackkappe”. This site translates Lackkappe to “patent tip” or “patent toe cap”. Maybe patent as in patent leather – shiny – but I think the terms more mean lacquer ring and lacquer cap. Corrections/additions to this understanding are welcome!

Stabilo Trio 362 pencil

The bright red and white cap is a nice contrast to the natural finish pencil. Overall, a nice pencil.

5 Replies to “Stabilo Trio 362 pencil”

  1. Frank, thank you very much for the information.

    That catalogue is quite informative. Castell wine!

    I saw “Lackring” and “Lackkappe” at sites such as these:

    Incidentally, are you familiar with “Comet Denecke”? I am wondering if they manufacture their own pencils. (They don’t reply to my correspondence.)

  2. Hi Steven,
    I didn’t say ‘Lackkappe’ is wrong, it’s only not so common as ‘Tauchkappe’ (in Austria also ‘Tauchkopf’).

    Denecke I know only by name from a collector’s page
    (sorry, only German). According to the homepage I would say yes, but it’s very outdated. Interesting that markel-line names Denecke a custumer on his German website
    If I learn more I’ll let you know asap

  3. Regarding Comet Denecke: It is very disapointing that they haven’t replied to my order inquiry from Germany, not even with an automated response or a negative reply. – Sorry for grumbling over it.

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