Bundoki.com opens brick and mortar store


Bundoki.com is setting up a brick and mortar retail store.

The store opens tomorrow, November 23, 2008, and we wish them well!

Bundoki was one of the first businesses to start selling Japanese pencils to the rest of the world via the web. While these pencils were previously known and available to professional animators and designers in large commercial studios, they are now much more accessible to the rest of us thanks to Bundoki and others.

Regarding their name – “bundoki” means “protractor” in English.

5 Replies to “Bundoki.com opens brick and mortar store”

  1. Just got a package on Friday from them- great service and selection- and surprisingly reasonable shipping rates to the US…

  2. Hope they do well. Might be another location to add to any trips to Japan. Brick and mortal retail stores for quality stationery and art supplies seem increasingly rare. I couldn’t find any to my liking in Hong Kong after a brief online search. Of course, I do not know Mandarin, so that might have hindered my search.

  3. Hola, quien me puede informar sobre cómo comprar en BUNDOKI desde mi ciudad de Valencia-España.

    Agradezco la atención prestada, grancias.
    osé Palomeque

    Francisco José Palomeque Baena.

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