Faber-Castell 2530N pencil

Faber-Castell 2530N pencil

Large diameter pencils are often seen as useful for children. The larger format makes the grip more comfortable. These oversize pencils might also have uses in drawing and graphics realms, except that the quality is usually very low. (The excellent Lyra Ferby is an exception.)

Here is a very high quality large diameter pencil that I’ve just discovered – the Faber-Castell 2530N. The pencil is a natural finish and round in shape. It has a 10mm diameter and a oversize 4mm core. It is a standard 176mm in length, and weighs about 8.3g.

The pencil is striking in appearance. The exposed woodgrain seems to be carefully chosen, and several grains evenly flow through the length of the pencil. The gentle lacquering and careful construction yield a pencil that is really a delight to see and hold.

Markings are minimal – “2530N Faber-Castell”, and a bar code right at the tip. The origins of the pencil are a mystery – searching reveals mentions at several Japanese websites, but I don’t see it listed at Faber-Castell Japan’s site.

Faber-Castell 2530N pencil

Sharpening reveals a core that produces rich and dark lines. I would not be surprised to learn that production was sub-contracted by Faber-Castell to a Japanese firm (though that’s just speculation, and I have no expectation of learning such a detail).

Faber-Castell 2530N pencil

Highly recommended! This is an attractive and functional pencil, made to the highest standards.

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  1. Cool pencil find and nice review. Given that they are only mentioned on Japanese websites, it certainly wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they were indeed manufactured by a Japanese sub-contractor. Will add them to my list of Japanese stationery items to watch out for.

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