Bic Gilbert 33 pencil

pencil talk has some very informed readers! Frank, who kindly sent me two of the pencils that are part of this series, yesterday left a great comment which includes assessments of many of the pencils we’ll see this week – and others.

Bic Gilbert 33 pencil

Today we see another Bic pencil with a longstanding name – the Gilbert.

It is a rare round pencil from a major manufacturer. The style – red body, black cap, white cap ring – is traditional and seen in many vintage writing implements. I don’t know the design’s origin.

Bic Gilbert 33 pencil

Made in 3H though 3B grades, the shape plus range constitute a unique offering for a mainstream pencil. The two I have, in HB and B, write nicely (especially the B). The only issue I see is the finish – it doesn’t match the quality of the writing experience. The white cap ring is washed out, the imprints slightly blurred, and the lacquer, while not bad, not at world standards.

Bic Gilbert 33 pencil

Like the Critérium 550, they appear to be made in China.

Also recommended, if you can find them.

My thanks to Gunther from Lexikaliker for kindly sending me these pencils.

Further reading:

From Bic: Official Gilbert 33 product page.

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