Globe 200 perfect drawing pencils

Globe 200 pencils

Here are some vintage pencils from Japan. Is anyone familiar with the brand Globe?

The “Patent No. 111696” should be a clue.

The online museum of the Japanese pencil organization displays many interesting items – but not this brand.

The graphics are charming, and show a compass (not a pencil!) in the hand of a drafter or architect.

Globe 200 pencils

Any further information would be most appreciated!

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  1. This “Globe” brand is called “Chikyu” in Japan.
    “Chikyu” means “the globe” or “the earth” in Japanese language.
    You may know the Chikyu-Enpitsu.
    The Chikyu-brand pencils are not available now in Japan,
    but I don’t know whether this company has gone bankrupt or not.

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