Recycled bamboo pencil

Recycled bamboo pencil

A recent trip to a large city didn’t allow for much stationery shopping. All I managed to bring back was this pencil.

Recycled bamboo pencil

The pencil has no markings, but was in a display that claimed the pencil was made of “recycled bamboo”, and the eraser of “recycled rubber”.

Recycled bamboo pencil

The pencil surface is rough – very rough. Yet I’ve learned through the feedback from a past post that some prefer a surface like this.

It writes well, though the eraser doesn’t do too well at erasing the pencil’s markings:

Recycled bamboo pencil Recycled bamboo pencil

Overall, the pencil leaves a good impression that I can’t completely explain.

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  1. Recycled is good – don’t really see much of a problem creating products [out of recycled materials] that are designed to be cut away in order to be used. I wonder if you’ve had a chance to use the Tombow recycled pencil? The construction is exactly the same as the super-inexpensive IVAR shelving uprights from IKEA.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Those are nice photos at your blog.

    No, I haven’t seen the Tombow pencil, though I’ve used other finger-jointed pencils. Sanford is apparently introducing a similar pencil this year.

  3. I’ve seen many pencils made from various recycled material. But this bamboo is awesome. Well, I like the smell of bamboo. How’s the smell of shavings?

  4. I just bought a pack of Pentech pencils made out of recycled plastic bags. It was a dollar store find, so I thought what the heck? The pencil is heavier than most, but sharpens very well. It is marked “PENTECH VITAMIN green” on the barrel.
    When we were on our honeymoon, we need some clips to seal our potato chip bags, and ended up buying bamboo clothespins. On the box, they are billed as being environmentally friendly. My assumption is that it is because bamboo grows quickly?

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