Two erasers from Korea

Korean Erasers

My thanks to Kent from PenciLog for sending me a MonAmi Gripix eraser and a HwaRang Dust-free eraser.

Korean Erasers

MonAmi is Korea’s largest stationer, and Gripix is one of their brands associated with mechanical pencils, leads, and erasers.

HwaRang is a long established rubber company.

I believe both firms do have some products for sale in North America, though they are not prominent in the stationery market.

Korean Erasers

Both erasers work well, but Kent reminds me that they contain phthalates, so they are probably not the best choice for children.

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  1. I wonder how many different eraser compositions really exist – I doubt that this number is as large as the number of available erasers and assume that there are only a few OEM’s (or even only some retailers that offer the compounds).

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