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  1. Is that the Faber Castell UFO sharpener? Saw one at Pearl, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $20 for a sharpener that does not have replaceable blades easily available locally.

  2. Hi Alberto, no, it is more like the Faber-Castell UFO’s mothership:

    It is much heavier, and with a flat base. I’m afraid I can’t find a manufacturer’s name, nor any sort of online link, though I know I’ve seen it for sale online.

    I understand your concern about the lack of replaceable blades. I believe this is a general issue with pencil sharpeners.

  3. I’d also like some info about the pancake/flying saucer sharpener. How about it, Pencil Talk?

  4. I’m not holding anything back here – this sharpener came in an unmarked plastic bag, and has no meaningful surface markings that I can detect. I’m not sure where it was purchased.

    – It uses standard replacement blades, and the blade is accessible from underneath.

    – It does show fingerprints rather easily, but is otherwise a very nice desk accessory. It has quite a bit of heft.

    If anyone has a source, please share!

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