Felissimo 500 Color Pencils – 3rd set

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils

Who likes purple?

Felissimo’s 3rd pencil set is out, and again has a specific focus. I think it may be the nicest set yet! Twenty-five shades of purple beckoning!

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils

Congratulations to Felissimo for recent mentions on the December 8th Martha Stewart Show, in the New York Times Gift Guide, and many other locations.

Finally, a company working and succeeding at promoting woodcase pencils in the modern world! This leadership is a reason why pencil talk is proud to be participating in Felissimo’s 500 pencil set promotion.

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils

So now that 75 (and soon, 100) pencils have been released, what happens if you subscribe to the series? Do you get just 425 (or 400) pencils? The answer is no – you will still get all 500 over twenty months, though I’m not sure if the delivery sequence will be the same as you are seeing here.

Felissimo 500 Color Pencils

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  1. I want to congratulate you on being able to get these sets. They are amazing, truly. I particularly like this set of purple hues. It’s very calming, and honestly I’ve never realized how nice and fuzzy purple makes me feel. I hope you enjoy these. I think someone already asked, but I can’t recall if you’ve decided; are you planning on getting any of the display sets to go with these? I would love to get these, but just don’t think I can right now. Maybe in the future. However, I’m very tempted to get some of those snap displays, to keep my pencils. Or maybe the wall ones. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your Felissimo colored pencils with us, in real time too! I can live vicariously through you!

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