mt masking tape fun

Well, I was wrong in thinking yesterday’s post was the last of the year.

At Scription, there is an interesting post on using mt masking tape to change the look of a pencil. I love the effort, but I’m skeptical about how usable the resulting pencil becomes – is there an uncomfortable seam? What happens when you try to sharpen the pencil?

Incidentally, Scription is an example of the type of commercial blog I like – original photos showing items in use, not stock PR shots, and informed commentary, often critical, about stationery items.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share some other uses of this tape. Especially at this time of year, there are these cardboard tubes awaiting the recycling bin in my household:

mt masking tape project

Well, with a little bit of tape, they are nicely repurposed:

mt masking tape project

The tape was purchased from

2 Replies to “mt masking tape fun”

  1. hahah, since you have some MT tapes, you can try it yourself. As I said MT tapes are quite thin and there is no uncomfortable seams. For a sharp sharpener, I have no huge resistance when sharpening, it feels a bit weird though.

    Anyway, thanks for referencing to my blog. I must correct that my blog is not a commercial one, otherwise you’d have seen a lot of nonsense in it, I mean stupid products :) I’m glad I can write this blog the way I like it.

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