Pencils and Music

Please take a look at pencils and music, a new blog focused on great writing implements and paper for music composition.

It will not disappoint those who like Graf von Faber-Castell’s fine creations, and the first few posts show some of the rare and long retired early pencil versions.

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  1. hi, i recently got a graf von faber castell pencil set from a state sale that, and i want to know if you can help me find more information about it and if you know more or less the value of it. the case is made out of wood i painted black with a silver or silver plated lid , it has a black pencil with what it looks like silver extension and four spare pencil that have a silver cap on each one of them, a heavy sharpener that also looks like silver, four holders for eraser but one eraser is missing, over all it look in good condition but i think it could use a good polish. please let me know if you need more information or a pic. thank you.

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