6 Replies to “Faber-Castell compass leads”

  1. (Cylindrical segment? You learn something new every day, I guess!)

    Do you happen to know if these work for any compass, or just a specific one from Faber-Castell? The compasses I have at home are usually the ones which you use separate pencils with, or ones that don’t have leads that are replaceable.

  2. Pretty neat find. While I haven’t used any of my compass sets in years, I suppose I could use any 2 mm lead stubs in a pinch and shape them with sandpaper.

  3. I’m a student (living in Slovakia) and I use my compass set regularly. I don’t understand why would anybody wonder whether compass leads are still made today :)

  4. Donkey’s years ago when wooden pencils reigned supreme, we’d keep pencil stubs and use the leads as compass leads.

  5. Funny how I stumbled upon a carded Helix Box Compass a couple of hours ago, and I couldn’t help myself and picked it up simply because it had a tube with those tiny graphite leads with the elliptical wedge points. Didn’t really need it, but I will now use it in my cartooning class. At least it was on clearance for just 75 cents.

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