Pencil displays – showcasing your pencils

Collectors and accumulators of woodcase pencils have long looked for display options, and the choices are few. As well as offering a collection of 500 colour pencils, Felissimo is a rare vendor of display cases for pencils. Today we’ll look at their “Aurora” and “Flower Vase” models.

I am sure that some craftsperson out there could also come up with something! There are a lot of low cost cases and displays for fountain pens out there – pencils also deserve some attention.

First, the Aurora, which holds 100 pencils between two fitted acrylic sheets. These photos show the assembly stage on a desk, though the display is meant for a wall – probably a white wall to best show the pencils.

The sheets fit together with acrylic nuts and bolts. Probably no explanation is necessary, though an instruction sheet is supplied. Round modern standard sized pencils seem to fit best, and hexagonal and triangular pencils also work. But – no oversize pencils, no pencils with ferrules and erasers, and no square pencils.

I thought the Aurora would be great for displaying some of my favourite novelty pencils. These favourites all seem to come from the UK – Japanese pencils such as the Pantone and Japanese Railway tributes series are in square format.

Well, I think it is taking shape nicely, though 100 turns out to be a large number. I’ve filled only about a third of the case and I’m out of pencils.

Display cases for pencils

The view from the top:
Display cases for pencils

The entire case from the top:
Display cases for pencils

The Flower Vase displays hold 25 pencils each, and are a non-acrylic plastic. It seems to be a pretty good way of keeping a number of pencils tidy:
Display cases for pencils

Display cases for pencils

You can of course use everyday pencils, such as these California Republic Prospectors:
Display cases for pencils

Displaying vintage pencils is of course another possibility. Starting with major manufacturers in Germany and Austria, I was surprised that I couldn’t find that many to display. I may have to rethink this!
Display cases for pencils

Something else to note is that, especially with the vintage pencils, positioning the imprints is key, and not easy to accomplish in a satisfactory way. It is easy to put a pencil in, but if you want to adjust it, hard to remove.

The products are nice though not perfect, and I hope to show some photos when (and if) I figure out what to put in them!

15 Replies to “Pencil displays – showcasing your pencils”

  1. Pretty slick! Looks like you nee to get a few more pencils to fill it. With this display case you just gave yourself a reason to expand your collection.

  2. Wow!! I never thought about collecting pencils, great idea. It is the first time I see this type of idea. Definitely, love the colors since I am a fan of them.

  3. I like the penguin pencils that looked like books. I guess if mounted on a wall it would appear like a bookcase.

    great post and info!
    keep it coming.

  4. I followed the link to the Felissimo website – sadly the Aurora is no longer made/out of stock. It looks ideal – I have about 250 pencils that I started collecting with my children. I now always buy a pencil from any art gallery, museum, etc. that I visit. My problem is that my home made perspex display cases, although do the job, look home made and are now taking up too much wall space. The Aurora would be ideal. Does anyone know where I can get one? Geoff

  5. Have you figured a way to display pencils similar to the aurora case? I really want to make one, since you can’t buy them anymore!

  6. That was going to be my next step. With the help of a place that sells perspex bits and pieces (and I know of one in Brighton), it would be possible to make one – maybe not as beautiful as made by a craftsman but at least it’ll work!

  7. I’ve been on to Felissimo about the display cases as I love the fact that they go on the wall. I’ve been collecting pencils since a child and still have to find the souvenir shop wherever I go to buy one. Sadly my collecton lives in a shoe box. Once you’ve made your display Geoff you will have to post a photo – you could have some orders from us collectors who are not so handy with the perspex!

  8. I use the Felissimo display case for some of my Destination souvenir pencils. of which I have around 1,350.
    I have just started a Facebook Page, titled ‘Souvenir Pencil Collectors’, please join!

  9. I so want those acrylic pencil keepers! But alas, I can’t seem to find them on the Felissimo site–I see above that someone says they’ve discontinued them…this is a real need–someone manufacture them, please!

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