Back to school with Rhodia

Rhodia pad cover

Quo Vadis Canada has kindly sent pencil talk a few back to school themed items. Let’s take a look at them over the rest of the week.

First, we have the Rhodia Leatherette Holder. In an attractive orange that matches the famous stapled notepads, the refillable cover protects the No. 11 pads.

Rhodia pad cover

The cover itself has Rhodia’s famous logo embossed, and is a nice way to protect and house a pad.

Rhodia pad cover

The cover was quickly appropriated by a family member who is making daily use of it!

One more thing. QVC also sent a large black version for the No. 13 pad, which will be given away via random draw. (The photo below shows the sealed item.) To enter the draw, just leave a comment on this post before Thursday, August 26, 20:00EDT. Thank you Quo Vadis Canada!

Rhodia pad cover

The Draw

Following the same method as used in the previous draw, we have …
>>> random.randint(1,41)

The 12th commenter, k, is the winner! k, I will contact you by email. The package will be sent by Canada Post. Thank you very much to Quo Vadis Canada for supplying this great item!

41 Replies to “Back to school with Rhodia”

  1. These are great – I have one for the no. 11, but gave the no. 13 one to my dad. It’s great for protecting the pad when thrown into a bag!

  2. I always get tempted by electronic notepads and tablets, but nothing beats classic pencil on paper. The Rhodia are always nice.

  3. The orange/black holder looks really nice. On the first picture it looks as if there is a pocket in the cover, or is this just to tuck the front cover of the pad in?

  4. I can’t wait until they produce a holder for their full-sized pads. I wonder what has taken them so long?

  5. Wow! This would be an awesome prize… especially since I finally found a local retailer of Rhodia pads!

  6. Those are great! I love rhodia pads! I kind of like the beat up look the pads get but I still would like that cover!

  7. It’s very sleek and beautiful. Rhodias are the best pads out there, apart from iPad ;-) Count me in for the draw!

  8. I have a French Language Test tomorrow, It´s hard to me but I hope to get some motivation fron this Rhodia in a near future.

  9. I’d dance a ring around the Rhodia if I win! Just got an orange pen that would look lovely with the black cover. Thanks!

  10. Wow, I didn’t realize this existed. What a nifty idea! Would love to have one to play with, and it would look simply stunning next to my Webbie. Thanks!

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