Stabilo bionic worker

Stabilo bionic worker

This is a pencil blog, not a marker blog, but I’m still happy that Quo Vadis Canada sent some samples of the Stabilo bionic worker this way. Well, I’m calling it a marker, but it is officially a “liquid ink roller ball”. And I’m not sure if it is the brand that was used by bionic public servant Steve Austin.

As well as representing Rhodia, QVC represents the famous pencil brand Stabilo in Canada. How interesting! (I wonder if they know that I like pencils?)

The bionic worker has two main special features – an ink window and a completely rubberized surface. The ink window doesn’t show me too much. To me, the grip is comfortable. And the all orange appearance can’t be ignored.

Stabilo bionic worker

I admit to not regularly using this type of product, but I think that could change. I’ve previously mentioned paper products that didn’t like graphite, and wondered if they might have another writing instrument as their ideal partner. One confirmed result: the Behance Dot Grid notebook and the Stabilo bionic worker are a fantastic combination. The colours are vibrant and vivid on this paper. I see no feathering, nor marks bleeding through to the paper’s reverse side.

Stabilo bionic worker

The only negative I can see is that I can’t find a place to buy more. These markers seem like a higher end product – not something one will see at most office supply stores.

My thanks to Quo Vadis Canada for sending these samples.

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  1. Heh, those pens are everywhere here in Japan. There is also a refillable version.

    I know you can order them from, but the shipping to the US is very expensive.

  2. I am not a rollerball person, but I like to use these from time to time. I have not actively paid attention recently, but a few years ago they were quite common in the UK. Most supermarkets seemed to stock them. The same is true for Germany.

  3. I love it !!! I’ve been using it for years now and they can be easely found in the Renaud-Bray stores in the province of Québec…

  4. They look nice on that paper.I hope QV notice that you like PENCILS!
    Stabilo has some great Pencils.

  5. I liked this pen when I first got it ( For occasional use it works just fine but writing for 1.5hrs (minute taking) it failed. The rollerball has sunk into the ink shaft.

    I’ve found that Tombow make a similar pen so will try that out next.

  6. I use these almost always. They are great pens, very comfortable to use, but don’t last long. The curse of the gel ink pen. At over £20 a box though they are ot cheap, especially now as my son has also taken to them. I used to write solely with fountain pens, but really do enjoy these. I get them for less than list at in the UK.

    No affiliation.


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