Berol Handwriting pencil

Berol Handwriting pencil

The Berol Handwriting pencil come to us from Sanford UK, a division of Newell Rubbermaid. The Berol name remains active in the UK and other countries. The Berol history at that link is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in pencil and fountain pen corporate history.

Please see Handschriftbleistift (a great name) at Lexikaliker to see another UK “Handwriting pencil”.

The name is intriguing – why so specific? Differentiation from drawing pencils is all I can guess.

Berol Handwriting pencil

The official product page indicates an official price of £0.80 for 12 pencils – well into discount territory.

The choice of pencil finish is very interesting – alternating red and white sides, with a red cap. The white sides in particular seem thinly painted, and rather prone to revealing flaws or any stray graphite dust.

No place of manufacture is mentioned.

Alas, the pencil has a very hard and scratchy lead. While the statement made on the box, “Hard Wearing,” is no doubt true, the Handwriting pencil seems a poor choice for handwriting. Whether child or adult, I can’t really see any extended use of this pencil being very pleasant.

Berol Handwriting pencil

5 Replies to “Berol Handwriting pencil”

  1. Interesting, and a little baffling, that this is marketed as a handwriting pencil.
    When I think of a handwriting pencil, I think of this: which, despite the soft grade and wide lead, is rapidly becoming one of my favorites for longhand English. (For anyone wondering: It’s stubby because it’s been used a lot…it’s not a jumbo pencil)

  2. Is it me or does the drawing on the front of the box look like a chalk outline from a crime scene? Does the pencil quality make you throw your hands up? Based on the review the pencils would make me throw my hands up in frustration.

  3. I like your frank statements on pencils you don’t find up to snuff. So many blogs seem to miss that critical impulse and instead only say positive things.

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