Faber-Castell animal print pencils

Faber-Castell animal print pencils

From Faber-Castell, we have some interesting novelty pencils in animal prints.

Faber-Castell animal print pencils

The packaging indicates the pencils are FSC certified and made in Indonesia, while the erasers hail from Malaysia.

The triangular shaped pencils write reasonably well, and the matching eraser is a nice bonus. They could be a nice gift for a child.

Faber-Castell animal print pencils

7 Replies to “Faber-Castell animal print pencils”

  1. They look great. Thank you for showing them to us. I have never seen them before. I assume they are new, i.e. not old stock from years ago?

  2. Hi memm, evidence such as bar codes on the pencils (which I didn’t show), a URL mentioned on the packaging, and the FSC certification, suggest they are a current offering.

    Piero, thank you for the comment.

  3. Hi Penciladmin,

    thanks to you! Hope to see my comment on your BEATIFUL web site.

    I’m an Electronic Engineer with an hard passion for pencils, it could sound strange, since I’m working every day with PCs, developing software.

    I like to write with pencils on white sheets of paper, I have a small collection of pencils that I show each time to my clients, or I show during meetings. Normally my pencils are so actractive that each one in the meeting ask for details :)

    I LOVE your web site!

    Have a good day,
    Piero (from Italy)

  4. Piero, it is not at all strange to me! My finding is that a good number of people with a passion for pencils seem to be engineers. I am curious about which pencils are getting all that attention!

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