Colleen Woods Pencils, Vol. 1

Colleen Woods pencils

Here are some pencils that I never thought I would see in person – the first volume of the Colleen Woods series.

An amazing masterpiece of pencil making, each pencil in the series of twenty-four (two volumes of twelve) is made from a different species of wood.

Colleen Woods pencils

The set is just breathtaking.

Colleen Woods pencils

Each pencil notes the specific gravity of the wood. Pencil no. 1, made of Indian Rosewood, is the densest at 0.93.

Colleen Woods pencils

Three of my favorites:

Colleen Woods pencils

Please also see: Colleen Woods Pencils from June, 2009, which features Volume 2 of the set.

20 Replies to “Colleen Woods Pencils, Vol. 1”

  1. Volumes 1 and 2 are so beautiful I think I would need a display case. I couldn’t bring myself to sharpen.

  2. The range of woods used for this set is pretty impressive. I just recently sanded down a face of one of my new PBWs and refinished it with tung oil…even simple incense cedar looks quite lovely in a good tung oil finish. I wish there were some high-end unfinished and imprint-free pencils available so that I could do some of my own finishing. Most of the naturally-finished pencils I’ve found are not worth the effort…and the ones I tend to like take a lot of work to strip and refinish.

  3. Congratulations! What a nice find. Now, who can we persuade to relaunch these?
    Green with envy ;-)
    regards Henrik

  4. I’ve tried to interest pencil manufacturers in the idea! Two possible problems were cited to me – the machinery was not designed for these types of wood, and high costs. Yet, Colleen did it fourteen years ago.

  5. Since pencil manufactures might not be willing to produce pencils like these. It raises the question of how difficult would it be for an individual to produce pencils by hand. Small batches made for friends, collectors etc. How would the lead be obtained? Would cannibalizing lead from another pencil be a copyright infringement?

  6. Thanks for trying! Compared to the Palomino Blackwing, the rebirth of the Mongol and the Colleen brand this would be a greater operation, but I’m glad you took the trouble and asked.

  7. Have you thought of taking a few pictures of both sets together? The pictures would make for a nice wall paper

  8. Ezio, this is a now twenty-year old pencil set that was never sold at retail. The closest thing is the Bosco set, which likely led you to this post. That might be available in Italy. But you will probably have better results than me searching. Good luck!

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