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Starting at home, David O. just left the 5000th comment at pencil talk! Thank you David and everyone else who has contributed!

2011 is looking like a year of nostalgia in the pencil realm.

As noted at Bleistift, Staedtler will be introducing pencil tins with retro/nostalgic themes, as well as a pencil making kit. That kit has been released in Japan in the past. (See Volume 1 of Stationery Magazine.)

Faber-Castell is now in their 250th anniversary year. Happy anniversary! Faber-Castell public relations staff are a class act and always represent their firm well. I am sure (without having confirmation or any insider knowledge) that they will be releasing a special pencil this year – how could they not? But maybe I am wrong. But what is announced is – a book!

Porsche Design has released their first Pelikan made writing instruments. 2500 Euros for a cartridge/converter pen? I’ll let the fountain pen and Porsche fans decide if either domain is done justice. There is a nice looking mechanical pencil as well.

And something I’m possibly even more excited about. CalCedar has announced what they call “Palomino-quality” private label pencils. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. I’ve already made some mental calculations about the pricing. Going back to 2005, I’ve been aware of regular requests for quality custom pencils, from many realms. Unless you are a large corporation, this type of service has remained very elusive. CalCedar’s announcement could really shake things up. I hope our friends in California launch this service soon.

Correction: The result of the Staedtler pencil making kit, a finished historic appearing pencil, has been sold in Japan, but not the kit itself.

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  1. Congratulations on the 5000th comment! €2500 sounds rather steep.

    About CalCedar: The erasers from the private label pencils look very similar to the TiTi Kyung eraser. I wonder whether that is more than a coincidence (i.e. same factory) since the Palomino and the TiTi Kyung are made in Japan.

  2. Conratulations on that figure from me as well!

    Faber-Castell’s appearance at the Paperworld trade show was much influenced by their 250th anniversary, and at least two products will be offered in a number of 1761 units, following their history. There was even the world’s most expensive pencil to be seen, namely a luxury version of the “Perfect Pencil”, made from white gold with three brilliants, offered for 9000 Euro (99 units have been produced).

    Matthias, thank you for sharing your observations!

  3. I got a good look at the Staedtler Pencil Making Kit while at their offices in Nuremburg last Friday for a meeting prior to Frankfurt Paperworld. Very nicely done job. They had a nice display of this in Frankfurt. I am hoping to get my hands on one of these. I took a couple photos with my phone I had hoped to post but they don’t do this item justice.

    As to our Palomino Quality Private Label. Thanks for the mention. This project is still in its early stages. There are many issues to be worked out relative to a basic set of standard options that we hope we can offer with quicker leadtimes and minimum order quantities vs. what will be available as a more custom solution naturally with larger order minimums and longer lead times. As per Matthias’ comment the erasers used on the Duraflame pencils are going to start only as a custom solution not a standard option. This is something we’re going to start slow with as to number of standard options vs. Custom orders and see how everything goes. Minimum order quantities and pricing will be much different than our more basic custom imprint pencils now offered at Given all the details to coordinate and setup on the website late Spring or early Summer before we are ready to launch this as we have several initiatives as well that we are working on for the Palomino and Palomino Blackwing for May/June time frame.

    I plan a general update with more information on Timberlines sometime this month.

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