Midori notebooks

Midori Notebooks Midori Notebooks

The globe is shrinking – recently found locally (Ontario, Canada) – Midori notebooks.

Plain and simple, yet high quality. Nicely finished. No visible cutting or processing artifacts or residue.

Relatively expensive, but their reputation preceded them.

The Midori paper loves graphite, and graphite loves this paper!

Midori Notebooks

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  1. Could you please share where in Ontario you found them? I’ve been coveting Midori notebooks for a while but did not want to buy them online!

  2. Now that looks nice. Over here in Blighty I can get hold of the Midori Traveller’s Notebook which looks gorgeous but costs a whopping GBP34.99. I don’t know if I can get one of these Midori notebooks, though.

  3. Awin, Karen, the location is secret.

    Just kidding – I found these at Laywine’s, a stationer located 100 feet from the Bellair exit of the Bay subway station. Laywine’s has been previously mentioned on the blog.

    They have several formats of Midori notebooks in stock, not just the two I purchased.

    Gunther, Grace, thank you for your comments. Occasionally the photos look okay. Fortunately the subject stood still this time.

    Stationery Traffic, a notebook had better be good at that price! These are obviously simpler offerings. I have heard good and bad appraisals of the Traveler’s Notebook. I have not seen one in person.

  4. Stationery Traffic: The Journal Shop also sells the spiral-bound Midori notebooks. I’d be tempted to buy a few of these myself, if I didn’t already have too many notebooks.

    As for the Traveller’s Journal, I bought one a few years ago from Bundoki, and I’m very impressed with it. The modular idea appeals to me, as does the durable leather cover that begins to look better (to my eyes) as it ages. I also like the DIY aspect of it — you can build your own ideal notebook using it, and it’s intended to be modified and repaired to meet your own needs. (There’s a repair kit available for it.) The paper in the inserts is also fantastic — it doesn’t feather or bleed with the few inks I’ve tried on it.

    As noted by others in the comments thread for the Midori Bullet Pencil, the Traveller’s Journal (and Midori brand more generally) has been hijacked somewhat by Hipsters, but — unlike Moleskine, which suffered the same fate — the quality of the product is still very high.

  5. just wanted to come back and say thanks for the laywines recommendation. i went the other day and got a little irresponsible with my paycheque… but i’m now 3 midori notebooks richer! thank you!

  6. Midori is ALL the rage in China right now (I mean, within our circle of stationary weirdos), and the prices range from high to ridiculous. The passport size and the traverler’s size are both very popular options.

    I have never seen this hardback cover of Midori before. The appeal of Midori seems to be the quality of its leather and the flexibility with customization of the loose leaf rings. So I wonder – what is the appeal of this “regular” notebook?

    It does look very elegant.

  7. Hello Kitty,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’ve seen (and purchased) other Midori products in the years since this post. Their everyday products are very well made. I mentioned “No visible cutting or processing artifacts or residue.” That is a big differentiator at retail from many competitors.

    I didn’t discuss the paper in this brief post, but that’s the other factor – it takes fountain pens, pencils, etc. with ease. Very high quality with an appealing texture.

    The Traveller’s notebook has appeared locally – and to my surprise, I declined to purchase one.

    Welcome to the blog!

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