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penciltalk.org quoted in Fortune magazine

pencil talk is quoted in the May 23, 2011 issue of Fortune magazine. The attribution is not correct, but the quote is from here – this post.

Other blogs quoted or mentioned are Orange Crate Art, Pencil Revolution, Pencil Grinder, Pencil Points, Timberlines, and of course, the Blackwing Pages.

Several blog comments are quoted – in fact they drive the story’s narrative. Unfortunately, the commenters are not named.

The three page article is titled “Eraser Heads”, and is about the Blackwing pencil – the Eberhard Faber classic and the brand revival attempt from CalCedar. An abbreviated version appears online.

penciltalk.org quoted in Fortune magazine

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  1. Pretty galling to have your words attributed to someone else, in Fortune no less. It’s a pretty careless article all around. When I first read it, I stopped reading at the misquotation of “Half the pressure, twice the speed” as “Half the effort,” etc.

  2. I didn’t particularly care for the article either. The only reason I’m posting is to say thanks for including a shot of a Hi-Uni. While waiting for my new 602s to arrive, I’ve been reading about them and the reception seems a bit warmer than it was the first time around, so I’ve been getting a little impatient. Seeing a bit of camera-love for the Hi-Uni tempers my anticipation somewhat.

    I wonder whatever happened to that top-five idea that was floated about a while back…I’m guessing the Hi-Uni would have made quite a few folks’ short lists.

  3. I haven’t read the printed version of the article but hearing about the errors and omissions makes me wonder if they have saved investigation and proof-reading. Thank you for letting me know – after hearing about the article I was tempted to buy a copy.

    Robert M., your idea of a Top Five has fallen of fertile ground. After you have mentioned it first I have thought about it, and so far my result is that my Top Five will most likely have two number ones. However, I am still not sure about the other places.

  4. Michael, yes, the article gets the Blackwing slogan wrong!

    Robert, thank you. The Hi-Uni is a great pencil that hasn’t gone away.

    A post on the top pencils is something I didn’t want to do some years ago, but my thinking has changed.

    Gunther, yes, the article seems to have been informed by an afternoon of web browsing, and insufficient fact checking.

  5. I agree that there are several errors and omissions regarding the slogan and attribution of various comments. After my original phone interview with the author I was provided with a series of fact checking questions. I provided several clarifications for the article. I have just reviewed the questions and my comments. I must confess that I missed the “Half the effort” mistake as I now see it was mentioned once in the checking question list. Thus I have to claim some responsibility for this mistake as I had a chance to notice it and correct it. There were no references to other quotes and attributions in the list I reviewed.

    Nonetheless, errors aside we have experienced very positve feedback from many people about the article itself. We are also finding that many people who have not been that interested in pencils as a writing instrument of choice have actually ordered product and are sharing with us thier positive experiences and joy of rediscovering a really good pencil. This includes interest and discussion the pencil is generating among friends when these people are seen using the Blackwing. In the end if the publicity helps generate more interest and awareness of quality wood cased pencils in general and the Blackwing specifically I certainly see that as a positive result on several fronts.

  6. Woodchuck, thank you for the background details. I don’t think that you are responsible for the wrong quote of the slogan – it is the author of the article who has to do the research and to make sure that at least the most important details are correct.

    Irrespective of the errors: It is great to see that a well-known magazine covers such a topic, and I am happy to hear that you have experienced very positive feedback.

  7. Hey Woodchuck,
    I’m going to hold my detailed commentary back until there are some reviews on these aficionado blogs about the new PBW602, but I just wanted to say you guys did a great job overall with it. I’ve been carrying one around all day and I think it’ll fit in very well with my Hi-Unis and Mono 100s.

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